Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Little Princess

Is there anything sweeter than watching your husband love on your daughter??? I really don't think so. I look forward to the day when David will truly bond with Baby David, but right now it is just super cool to see him encourage, love and teach our girls what it means to be loved by their father.

This past Sunday, he took Ella to the "Daddy and Daughter Princess Ball" at church and she LOVED it!!! It seriously makes me want to cry when I think about how big she looks in these pictures!

Sweet Angel

One of my favs...a must save for her wedding day!

David took Ella on a shopping date to buy a tiara and some new rings. He is an awesome dad.
Putting on her new ring
Love it
Love it even more
I tried to curl her hair but it will not hold curl!!! So we went with the "Nicole Kidman" look from the Grammys. She looked gorgeous! :)
They got to sit in a carriage at the ball and have their picture taken. I can't imagine how excited Ella was!


  1. You're not the only one crying!!!! My fav. picture is of Ella tying Daddy's tie..... oh my goodness!
    I absolutely love the pics...did you get any of Eden in her outfit?
    Love, Nana

  2. This made me tear up too! So sweet. What an amazing Dad and a beautiful little lady.

  3. So sweet! Love these pics!

  4. Wow you two make beautiful babies!!
    Love to all, Jeannie