Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eden's first pig tails

My baby is definitely growing up way TOO fast!!

I love how she thinks she can read.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

First trip to the library

Now that we're all healthy again we are able to leave the house on the weekends. :) Today we ventured to the Euless Public Library for the very first time! Fun was had by all. :)

David walking in with the girls and their book bags (aka....mommies old purses!)

I think Eden liked the fish more than she liked the books. :)

Although, she looked SO big picking out books and "reading" them!!!

Ella was in heaven!

I believe she is telling David how to read in this picture.

I love this picture of David reading to Eden. He is an AWESOME dad!

This picture was taken right before Eden grabbed Ella's book and Ella starting screaming "NO EDIE!!!!" uncontrollably. That was fun.

Learning how to put their books away when they're done reading them.

Daddy's 35th!

Last Sunday was David's 35th birthday and although I failed to get a picture of him with his ladies, I did get several of the girls in their new dresses. SUPER CUTE!!

Ella being shy

It's VERY difficult to get a good picture of both girls smiling but I tried the best I could!!

The shoes are about two sizes too big for Eden but she wore them ALL day long.

Trip to the park

Last Saturday we FINALLY had a sunny day so we took a trip to the park. It was super windy but we had a great time with the girls.

Eden wasn't in the mood for a photo shoot.

Sweet Ella



Eden loves to give hugs right now. Last night she went around the room hugging me, David, Jennifer and Lucas....over and over again! It was so cute.

She was happy once I pulled out the PB&J sandwiches and BBQ chips. :) Momma's girl all the way!!!