Thursday, March 31, 2011

7 week old pics

Little man is now seven weeks old and a whopping 13 pounds! I took him to the doctor yesterday because he's been having some weird stomach issues, but we're hopeful that he'll start feeling better really soon. His pediatrician thinks that he has a stomach hernia (like father, like son!) so I'm taking him in for a sonogram in the next day or so to see what we need to do next. She also wants me to switch him from Nutramigen to Neocate formula to see if that will decrease the amount of diarrhea diapers he has on a daily basis. If it doesn't then she wants to do an Upper GI to make sure his digestive system is developing properly. Poor thing has had a rough time with his belly, but he is still an amazing baby and I love him so much!!!! Please pray for him to completely heal soon!

My three little angels

Sleepy Boy

I like to call this his "How you doin'?" look

Trying to stay awake while I talk to him :)

New outfit....but I had just changed his diaper so it's not snapped or buttoned. It looked super cute on him when it is on right!


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