Monday, November 2, 2009

a halloween miracle!!!

Eden decided to start walking on Friday!

Halloween Part 3

Mrs. Takala getting ready for the trick-or-treaters! We held a "Frontyard Festival" at our house this year and had nachos for the adults and candy for the kiddos. It was great!

David, Lucas (looking scary with his knife!) and TJ (the neighbor) carving pumpkins.

Eden went to bed at 7pm but the music woke her up so she came outside and enjoyed some nachos :)

Jennifer, Lucas, Ella, me, Eden and Aunt Ashley

Halloween Part 2

Kyla was in town and we only got to see Ava and Micah for like an hour....but that was long enough for Eden to fall IN LOVE with Micah!!

Seriously, it was hard to keep her at a safe distance! Guess she needs a baby sister or brother.....(somewhere David is cringing right now.)

Ella loved her too!

We miss you Kyla and are SO glad that we got to see you!!!

Halloween 2009

Eden is NOT happy to be out of bed :)

David left our frontyard festival and took Ella trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. So cute.
Ava and Ella

A ghost buster, a giraffe, a doctor and Nemo!

Memaw and Eden (so sweet!!!)

My little Nemo