Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sweet Pics

Ella felt the need to attack Eden with kisses during bath time tonight

I love the next three pictures of Timothy and Eden at our Ketchersid Christmas yesterday. SO SWEET!!!

She loves him!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

This will be a picture that I will always cherish....me and my two sreaming babies on Christmas Eve!

Joseph, Morgan, Eden and Ella at the Crandall/Hall Christmas
Great-Grandma, Grandma and David with the girls
David helping Ella write her very first letter to Santa on Christmas Eve
Ella using her big girl potty for the first time on Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve was a busy day for us as you can see!)
Aunt Ashley bought Ella a red bike for Christmas!
Ella being silly
Ella on Christmas morning.....poor little thing didn't even wake up until like 10! David and I were the ones who were up early ready to open gifts!
Love it!
I pray that you all had a lovely Christmas! Here's to a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 22, 2008

it's a christmas miracle!!!

Samson is on his way home!!! A lady just called me at work and said, "I think I have your dog..."
Long story short, he escaped from our backyard last Friday and never came back (which he always does) so we figured someone picked him up. David and I (and Toby!) were so sad all weekend because it's just not the same around our house without him, so David made "LOST DOG" signs and put them up all over Euless last night...which proved to be a good idea since the lady (who by the way lives a street away from us!!) saw one on her way to work this morning and wrote down my number! Anyway, she will be dropping him off in about 45 minutes and I can't wait to get home tonight and love on him....that is...after I beat him to death for stressing me out!!!! :)
Toby is the blonde and Samson is the black and white cutie! They love each other very much!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sophia Kate Ketchersid
7 lbs 8 oz
20 inches long
Born around 8:30pm

Congratulations Owen and Diana! She is gorgeous!

My niece is here!!!

Owen's little girl was born a few minutes ago! I am waiting for stats and pictures but wanted to post a quick shout out! Love you guys!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Work Update

Quick mommy update while I am on my lunch break:

Thank you for all of the sweet emails and prayers today! It was extremely difficult to leave David and the girls at home this morning, but I made it to work on time and was even able to apply my mascara (to dry eyes!) before walking in! :)

I took the girls over to Kyla's house last Friday for a little play date and we had a lot of fun! Thanks Kyla!!

Ella and Ava watching Miss Patty Cakes

They took turns looking at me...even though I tried to get them both to look at me! :)

Are you kidding me?? SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!

Little Kyla and Kaylane!

Ava let Eden borrow her Santa hat for a quick picture. Kyla and I just couldn't resist!

My Little Angel

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Teaching Ella about chores!!

That's right folks.....Ella is learning what it means to be "mommy's little helper!"

I pulled the kitchen chair up to the sink and showed Ella how to wash Eden's bottles.

She thought the bubbles were funny.
Learning to use a sponge.

Um....slight moment of weakness....she wanted to eat the bubbles.
Next - Daddy showed Ella how to feed the dogs.
What shall I train her on next.....LAUNDRY!!! :)

Lots of Christmas Firsts

Seeing as Ella was only 7 months old last Christmas, I consider this year to really be her "first" Christmas because she is SO excited about everything! It is a great feeling to watch her light up and scream in excitement. I can't wait for Christmas morning!

David put the lights on the tree for me the other night and then I let Ella put on her very first Christmas ornament.

When she woke up from her nap I had the tree all decorated and she was so excited.

David took this picture of her two nights ago. We were eating dinner when we looked up and saw Ella sitting at her little white table in front of the tree. It was so cute!
Thanks to Uncle Chris we have lights on our house! This was the first time Ella saw them.

Playing Catch Up

I've been a little busy lately...but my sister and my mom are hounding me for more pics so I am making myself sit down and play catch up! I will probably have to post a couple different entries in order to post all of the pictures we have taken in the past week or so.
I'll start with this adorable picture of Eden in the Christmas onesie that Grandma Hall got for her :)

I decided to bathe Eden in the kitchen sink last night....
....she was a little shocked at first....
....but once her big sister got up on the chair to help me....
....she loved it! :)

We took this picture after her bath because I combed her hair over to one side and every time I do that I think she looks exactly like David!
Guess who got in the sink next???
Almost too big for the sink!
I love this picture. It looks like they are being silly, but the moment was actually quite peaceful and sweet. There was Christmas music playing in the background so David picked Ella up and started slow dancing with her. Love it!!!