Monday, June 29, 2009

Random Pics

Ella "talking" to the deer in my parent's backyard. She still asks to feed the deer but as you know, we do not have deer in our backyard. :)

Ella playing in my mom's pantry....

....and then she made the decision that she was hungry. :)

Eden doing something that Ella never really did.....HOLDING HER BOTTLE!!!! She's not great at it, but with a little practice I think our lives could get much easier!!

Grandma Hall kissing Ella's head after she ran into the corner of our new island. I knew that was going to happen sooner or later!

father's day 2009

Hmmm....I'm only a couple of weeks late in posting this but David knows that I think he is the best dad in the world (no offense dad!!) so this is really just a post to show how cute he looks all dressed up for church with the two reasons he works so hard on a daily basis!!!

On Father's Day we went to Plymouth Park Church of Christ to support my Uncle John as he was "sworn" in as their new preacher. It was such a blessing to share that moment with the rest of our family and we praise God for this incredible opportunity for Uncle John!!
Eden was praising God in her sleep!

The girls first vbs

My very favorite thing about the timing of this trip home was that it was the week of my dad's VBS which just happens to be the first VBS for both girls! I love that!!! We weren't able to stay the whole time due to sleepy/grumpy babies (since it was at night from 6-8pm) but we stayed long enough for Ella to enjoy the singing, Bible story and craft times.

Ella making her very first bracelet. Thanks for helping Amanda!

The little kids went outside for their story time.

Sophia (my niece) and my dad. Is this not the sweetest picture ever????

Well, this one is pretty sweet too!!!

Baby Sophia listening to my dad tell the Bible story.

Eden pretty much took advantage of all the people willing to hold her and rock her to sleep!! This is Eden and Jeanne Lisby.

Miss you Jeanne!!
One minute....

....and the next. :)

Eden's First swim lesson

It's been a long time since I've done a lunch-time posting but my computer was acting weird last night so I just went to bed. :)

I'll start off with our trip to Indiana. It finally stopped raining long enough for David and the girls to swim on our very last day there. I took a break from packing to snap a few pictures of Eden's first time in the water! She LOVED it!!!

My fav

Ella had her own little float too :)

Daddy and his girls....just chillin'

I love this picture of Ella and my mom
David teaching Ella to fly. Oh dear.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday Purchase!!!

I FINALLY GOT MY ISLAND!!!! David and I found this island yesterday afternoon and three hours later David had it all put together in our kitchen. I LOVE IT!!!!! It has three drawers on each side, two cabinet areas on each side and a space in the middle for our cook books....not to mention the new counter space! Come see it soon!

These are the letters I covered (with leftover fabric from Ella's curtains) for her new big girl room. I'm still not done decorating it, but as soon as I am I will post finished pictures.

Now on to "family" postings!!! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009


After about 22 hours of driving (which should have only been around 16 hours!!) we finally arrived at my parent's house in Indiana around 5pm yesterday afternoon. We are SUPER excited about this week and are truly grateful for the opportunity to be here!!

Ella is currently napping in the office....

....Eden needed a little help falling asleep so Nana gave her a bottle....

....and here's my favorite baby sleeping on the sun porch! :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

8 months old

Little Bit is 8 months old today. Sigh.

Chewing on a piece of apple peel to help her first bottom tooth break through. SHE LOVED IT!

My two baby girls