Friday, November 18, 2011

Let's try this again...apparently I can't successfully complete 2 simple steps!

When you're ready to make your family holiday card you should check out Tiny Prints. They've got a lot of original holiday card designs that you're sure to love! I'm leaning heavily towards a tri-folded card like the International Color card. Isn't it super cute??
So get to shopping and make sure to HAVE FUN while making your Christmas card!!! I can't wait to see which design you pick!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Calling all Christmas card lovers!!

It's that time of year again and I AM SO EXCITED!!!! My family comes to town next week for the Thanksgiving holiday, my hubby is taking the WHOLE week off, my new camera lens came in and I have three photo sessions booked this weekend so I will get to do what I love....capture "love" on camera and bless families with timeless memories! In my spare time (haha!) I will also be making our 2011 family Christmas card and Tiny Prints has some beautiful and spunky designs to choose from. Here are some of my favs:
Christmas Cards Flakes of Joy - Front : Ruby
Flat Holiday Photo Cards Colorful Tape - Front : Clover
Flat Holiday Photo Cards Joyful Highlights - Front : White

Love it!

If you like their designs and like free stuff, check out their website because they have a pretty awesome giveaway going on right now. If you blog about their company and products, they will give you 50 free holiday cards of your choice! Just blog (aka "brag" - which is not hard to do because their product designs speak for themselves!) and fill out this form. When you get your free cards, mail me one! :)

Let the holiday season begin!!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

David saying Dada for the first time!

The moment we've all been waiting for...David speaks! ;)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Photoshoot

I LOVE this time of year!!! I love the leaves changing colors (not so much in Dallas, but in other parts of the country!), I love wearing long sleeved shirts and light jackets, I love opening the windows and hearing the wind blowing outside....but most of all, I love my family and the Fall season just makes spending time with them feel so good!!!

I had high hopes for today's photo shoot because there was one particular shot that I really wanted to get with all three kids took me so long to get everybody ready and fed that it was David's nap time by the time we got to our destination so he passed out after about ten minutes. However, we came away with some pretty great pictures if I do say so myself! Enjoy and Happy Fall everyone!!!!
My Ella
My Eden

I don't like this picture....she looks WAY too old!!!!
Someone honked their car horn and it scared Eden so she grabbed hold of Ella. I couldn't resist snapping the shot so I could capture the scared look on her face. Kind of mean....but so sweet that she trusted Ella to protect her!
And then Ella started tickling her...of course :)
Little girl feet! I wanted to get a shot of all three feet, but David was asleep by this time.
Eden has awesome hair....I'm jealous!
And then Eden got sleepy...
Pretty baby girl!
Eden looks miserable in this shot, but I like that all three are in it
David Allen playing in the leaves

Once again.....HAPPY FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!