Friday, July 8, 2011

First swimming lesson!

I haven't put Baby David in the water yet because every time we go swimming it is way too hot and sunny for his precious skin. However, tonight we went out to eat with Jennifer and Lucas and then headed back to their house for an evening swim....the perfect time to introduce him to the water!
Cutie patootie
I have a picture of Ella and David like this so I wanted to get one of Baby David and David too. I think it is sweet.
I think he might tan like his momma! NOT AT ALL! :)
Daddy getting ready to bring him in
Although the timing of the sun was perfect, this is his "It's 7 o'clock and I want my bedtime bottle and crib" look.
Daddy put him under the water and he was not pleased. Check out those lips!!! of my favs! We so rarely see such a mad face on him that it was actually kind of cute to see! Although, I did hate to see him so upset.
"Stop it daddy!"
First time under the water....while mommy has a small heart attack on the deck.
Trying to catch his breath

Love it :)
Just chillin'

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