Saturday, July 2, 2011

4 months old!!!

I am well aware that every mom thinks she has the cutest baby in the world....but seriously ya'll....Baby David really is THE CUTEST (and sweatiest!!!!) BABY IN THE WORLD!!!! Not only is he cute, but he is awesome!!! He rarely cries, he smiles ALL of the time and although it drives his daddy nuts, he's a straight up momma's boy. :) In the past week he started rolling over from his belly to his back and I can't even believe that he is old enough to do that yet! I've tried to soak up every second of these precious first few months, but deep down I get so sad when I think about how fast he is growing up. I don't know why it surprises me because I felt the same way with the girls, but he and I just have this special bond that I will cherish forever!!! OK, enough sappy talk, here are some pics from the past month:
Cat nap on Grandma Hall
Hangin' with Papaw Hall
When he smiles, his whole entire face lights up....I LOVE IT!!! When I take him with me to run errands, he smiles and flirts with anybody that will give him the time of day. I'm pretty sure that ALL of the grandma's who live in the HEB area have met him because they stop me in the grocery store or Target to tell me how cute he is....and then they proceed to tell me how cute THEIR grandkids are! :)
Getting tickles from sissy
Ella cannot stand it when she hears me taking pics of Baby David. She HAS to be in them which cracks me up since it's usually like pulling teeth to get her to cooperate in a picture.

I love this one!
Clearly he was tired of her kissing him :)
Not sure what made him laugh so hard in this one but it makes me smile
Angel of mine

Seriously, he is ALWAYS smiling which makes taking his picture really fun and easy!
This is his "I'm really excited" face when I put him on his belly for "tummy time"

Yummy drool :)

Cutie patootie!!!

Look at those puppy eyes and droopy cheeks!!!


I just can't believe that he will be 5 months in just a few days. Right now I know that he weighs 18 lbs. 3 oz. because I had to take him to the doctor yesterday. He is all congested but still as happy as can be! I haven't seen any actual teeth yet but they are most certainly on their way! He has been drooling for weeks and chews on ANYTHING you put in his hands. In fact, I bought him some teething biscuits today so we'll see how he likes them. I'm also going to start him on baby food this weekend....I think. I hate that stage so I might hold out a few more weeks. :) Hope you enjoyed the pics! Will post his 5 month old pics soon!
Happy 4th of July weekend!!!

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