Sunday, August 14, 2011

5 months old!!!

My sweet little man is now 6 months old, but here are some of my favorite shots (and milestones) from when he was 5 months old. He currently weighs 19 pounds!
David's monthly picture with MoMo
I didn't even try to get a picture of him with his hand out of his mouth b/c this picture truly represents him at 5 months old....TEETHING AND CHEWING/DROOLING ON HIS HANDS!!!!
But he also smiles ALL of the time and I adore that about him!!!

Footprint at 5 months old
And now for a short intermission so that I can brag on my two beautiful daughters! This is Ella (4 years old) on her "special day" with mommy and daddy. We took her to Purple Glaze in Dallas where she painted a ceramic castle and then we stopped at the Mustangs in Las Colinas and got out to play.
And here is Eden (almost 3 years old) on her special day. She got to go to IHOP for breakfast and then we took her to get her fingers and toes painted at the nail salon!
Now back to Baby D :)
I found him asleep on his play mat one afternoon and it just melted my heart
This is his "I'm working on a little treat for you" face
But I don't mind changing his dirty diapers since his smile is PRICELESS!!!!
Mommy having some fun with her little man while the girls nap

Love it
Angel baby
I LOVE when he "talks" to me
Getting sleepy
He looks WAY too old in this picture!!! STOP GROWING!!!!!

He definitely has my eyes because they almost close when he smiles a certain way :)
First time in the jumperoo.....not so sure about it.....
Oh look.....something else to chew on!
Ah, so that's how this thing works!!
His first tooth arrived on Wednesday, July 20th. It was the bottom left tooth.
The second one (bottom right) is not too far behind.
Sucking on a frozen chew toy for the first time
Hi mom!
Hey Toby...come play with me!
I'm gonna roll over.....
....this isn't as easy as it looks......
....but I did it!!!! He rolled over from his belly to his back on June 28th and then 7 days later, on July 5th, he rolled over from his back to his belly. Now he is rolling EVERYWHERE!!!
I bought him this new toy on July 23rd. He spends A LOT of time in it since he can't sit up by himself quite yet. In fact, he usually rocks himself to sleep if I don't notice that he is getting sleepy in it. Super cute.
Hanging out on the floor before church in a cute outfit from Auntie Ashley.
Eden and David
I love my feet....
....I love my hands....

....I love them both! :)
Second tooth (bottom right) came in on Sunday, July 24th.
Trying REALLY hard to crawl
so exhausting

so maybe I'll crawl next month!!!! Stay tuned!!! :)


  1. WHY??? Why is he so stinking cute???

  2. Thanks love! I can always count on you to make me think my child is super cute!! Cannot wait to brag on yours!!!!