Tuesday, February 3, 2009

warning: do not read if you didn't get to see the bachelor last night!!!!

I know it is pathetic to be this distraught over a silly TV show, and I know that she wouldn't have made it to the end anyways, but my heart broke as I watched Stephanie give her "goodbye" speech in the limo last night.

Here's to you Stephanie! May you find an incredible man to spend the rest of your life with!

Age: 34
Occupation: Single Mom and Medical Marketing Representative
Birthplace: Phoenix, AZ
Hometown: Huntsville, AL
Currently Resides in: Huntsville, AL
Status: SENT HOME :(


  1. Stephanie is the most amazing woman in the history The Bachelor. She had more poise, integrity, kindness, and grace in her little finger than most of the rest of those girls put together. I was so sorry to see her go, but I honestly think she can find someone SO much better for her than Jason. Not that Jason isn't great, but it was pretty obvious nothing was blossoming between them, so I'm glad he didn't lead her on any longer.

    Melissa is my second favorite, so now I'm cheering for her. Plus she's from Dallas!

  2. I couldn't get over the botox. Ugh....

  3. She does have a weird face structure, but she is the kindest person EVER! I cried so hard when she got voted off just because she couldn't hurt a fly. I hope she finds a great man...

    And I'm rooting for Molly, since she's a Michigander. :) Although I really do like Melissa too. It's down to the two of them for me. Bye bye Naomi and Jillian!

  4. Oh, by the way Kaylane...this is Beth Wizner. :)

  5. OK, this is from your MOTHER...you have soiled your beautiful family website with a picture from The Bachelor!!!! I can't believe you would put that woman's face on the same site as my beautiful grandchildren!!!
    I think you are getting a little tooooo tired!!!