Monday, February 9, 2009

another month has come and gone

My little one is 4 months old and growing!

Weight: 16lbs. 12oz.
Length: 26 inches long
Head: 16 1/4

The look on her face in this picture pretty much sums up our life these days.......TEETHING! YUCK!!!!

It looks like she has a full head of hair in this picture, but don't be fooled! She is bald on both sides and a slight mohawk is forming down the back of her head :)

I finally got her to smile a little in this one


  1. I cannot get over how seriously adorable she is!! I wanna pinch her cheeks! You coming to Indiana anytime soon?

  2. She is adorable and growing fast.

  3. My little boo bunny is growing so fast...can't wait to hold her, Nana

  4. i cant believe how fast time is going by. its funny that her and ruby have almost the same exact stats at each dr visit.