Friday, February 6, 2009

Ella Post

Ella has had to grow up a lot the past 4 months since Eden was born so I thought I would dedicate this post to her. She definitely has her moments where it is obvious that her second birthday is right around the corner, but for the most part she is an incredibly helpful and brilliant 21 month old!
Ella feeding baby Anna....
....and changing her diaper :)

Ella making Grandma Hall's birthday cake
Stirring the dry mix
Watching mommy crack the eggs
Putting the nasty sprinkles on the cake :)
If daddy has "bath duty" Ella gets all excited because she knows she gets to take a shower
CLEARLY she is does not take after me. I hate water on my face!
I know this is probably a stupid picture to most of you, but I could just start crying looking at her feet. Seems like just yesterday they fit in my hand.......

Being silly
When mommy has "bath duty" Ella has to sit in the tub and entertain herself while Eden gets the scrub down. Last night was the first time I put the Bumbo seat in there for her to sit in and she loved it! She actually stayed seated!!!

Aunt Ashley and Ella when Ella was 3 months old....
....Aunt Ashley and Ella now :)


  1. My, it seems like only yesterday that my sweet Elyssa was playing with her dolls and helping me cook while standing on a chair. What wonderful memories. I am glad to see you documenting the journey...they grow up so incredibly fast. :(

  2. She is getting too big too fast

  3. Where has time gone?? And look at her long gorgeous hair!!!