Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two Weeks Down

Two weeks down and we've already seen Dr. Shori (the girl's pediatrician) more than once! :) We took Eden in for her one week check up and she was fine....but not even a day later we noticed that her tongue was completely coated in what looked like white paint. It turns out that she has "thrush," a yeast infection on her tongue. YUCK!!! She's doing much better now, but we had to give her one particular medicine every six hours for a week, and now we are on medicine number two which seems to be clearing it up. On top of the thrush mess, Ella gave Eden a little head cold so we took both girls in to make sure their lungs and ears were OK.

The beginning of the appointment started out with Ella all upset and confused....

(Eden could have cared less what was going on!)

....but then daddy took over and Ella was in a much better mood!

Ella's getting a little more comfortable with the idea of having Eden around. Last night (after David and I got home from a friend's wedding....hence the tie!) David asked Ella if she wanted to feed Eden and she immediately jumped up on the couch! :)

So, as we enter week three, I ask for your prayers. :) We all got up and got dressed for our first church trip this morning and right as we were about to go downstairs to leave Ella started screaming. I looked over and she was holding my HOT straightening iron in her right hand!!!! Yes, she burned several of her little fingers and cried the hardest we have ever seen her cry. We soaked her hand in cold water and sprayed burn medicine on it, but she would not stop crying so we decided to stay home. After a nap she seemed to be much better, but she now has little blisters on her fingers and it makes my heart hurt to know she is in pain.


  1. Hey Kaylane! It's been a while. Your family is so precious! I can't wait to see you all again soon. That little story about Ella killed me. I know how it feels to burn yourself on one of those things. :) Hope all is well. Keep in touch! Miss you!

  2. Oh sweetie! I hope this week is much, much better! Sounds like Nana might need to visit again;)

    Let me know if there is anything I can do.

  3. Guess what?? Nana burnt her forehead with her curling iron!!!! How weird is that? AND IT HURT BAD!!!
    Give my love, and kisses to the girls.....(and boys..(ie, dogs).
    Love, Nana

  4. I'm so sorry!! That is so sad. : (

    How does a trip to the FW Zoo on Friday night sound? Boo at the could be fun!!