Sunday, September 7, 2008

Some pictures of my girls

Everybody was all dressed up yesterday for our photo shoot with a friend. I couldn't help but grab the camera and take a few shots myself when we got back home.

PS - These pictures are probably gigantic when you click on them...which means they'll be nice and clear when you print them out, Grandmas...or anyone else who wants to print them out. :) The first one looks really cool in full size!


  1. What beautiful girls! I can't wait to meet the third Crandall beauty.

    when do we get to see the rest???
    Love, Na Na

  3. Hey David! Those are great pics! (By the way... I'm jealous you've got the Canon Rebel XTi... I've got the XT & love it).

    Anyhow, did you do any color tweaking or anything to those pics? It almost looks like they were desaturated a bit or something... I guess what I'm getting at is they look great.

    Oy... I'm such a geek... I can't just enjoy pictures, or movies, or productions without thinking about the "making of" type details & how it's done & with what equipment...

    I guess I'm also commenting to say, Keep it up! You're being watched.

  4. DOH! My OpenID account went all wonky on me & didn't include my info... Oh well, this was Thomas Smith in the "openid" comment above)

  5. Ooooh! Another geek! I totally edit the color on my photos. For these pics, I played around with the curves, levels, and channel balance in Photoshop. I can't just leave well enough alone.

    Talking shop is always fun for me!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see the new addition to the family -- I'm sure she'll be smashingly cute too!!

  7. Such cute pics! LOVE Ella's boots! Do they come in my size???