Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Photo Shoot Results

Let me first say a HUGE thank you to our dear friend, Angela Faris, for her patience with us last Saturday! Angela is an amazing photographer and she graciously agreed to take some family shots of us before Baby #2 arrives. Unfortunately, Ella is 16 months old and we quickly learned that she is not at the ideal age for trying to get "posed" family pictures!

Here are a few of my favs:

I love this picture even though it looks like Ella has a flower coming out of her nose! Hopefully a little Photoshop work can take care of that!

Clearly she loved this idea! :)

One of my very favs!

Another fav

Angela tried to take a few maternity shots of me while David entertained Ella....

Sweet Daddy!


  1. They turned out really good. I almost took my sister to the same spot this weekend but it didnt work out. Thats funny.

  2. I LOVE them ALL. The one where she is standing looking back...well...she's looking for her Na Na. (j/k)

  3. These pictures are so good! LOVE THEM!

  4. Love the sweet family pictures, what a good looking bunch! Can't wait to see what this new little one will look like!

  5. Oh how cute, love them!