Monday, August 25, 2008

15 Month Old Stats

As if this will come as a surprise to anyone, Ella is off the charts in the height category! Her doctor said that she is doing great and that we are doing a great job as parents. Duh!!! :)

Weight: 23 lbs and 7 oz (50-75%)
Height: 33 inches (100%)
Head: 18 (25-50%)

Her head circumference did not change so David jokingly asked her doctor if we should be concerned about having a tall child with a small head. She said not to worry about it. :)

We're getting closer to keeping all of her hair in a ponytail. I can't wait!!

I'll leave you with this adorable smile.

Baby #2 Update - My next appointment is Thursday and we'll get to see her one more time on film before meeting her in person!!! 6 weeks and counting!!!!!!!


  1. Look at her long legs!!! What a cutie!

  2. She is getting really big. You know the long legs must run in the family. J & M are always 95-100% in their height. I noticed Joseph was the tallest again in his classroom. :)

  3. She is too cute! She is already taller and weighs more that Beck and he's 20 mths old. That's not too hard to do, he's probably going in for testing next week.

    Can't wait for picture day!

  4. She looks more and more and more like her mother.....
    Can't WAIT to see you on Friday
    Love, Mom

  5. Tall and skinny with a small head? That sounds much better than the opposite of those things...hehe. I always get a kick out of baby statistics for some reason, it is just funny to think about what if they still categorized adults when we went to the doctor. yikes.

    I hope these last few weeks fly by and that you have a healthy and safe delivery! I will be thinking about you!

  6. Your new blog design looks awesome!!! Okay, David, now you have to help me with ours. :)