Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 2nd birthday to eden!

Hard to believe that my baby turned 2 last week but as much as I've tried to keep her little.....she keeps growing and growing!!

Height: 37 inches tall (one inch taller than Ella was at her 2 year old check up!)
Weight: 36 lbs

Precious "It's My Birthday" outfit from Nana. Thank you Nana!!

Of course Ella wanted to wear a tutu too, so we dressed her up for dinner.

We enjoyed a lovely hibachi dinner with grandma, Auntie Ashley, Timmy and Uncle Chris

Ah....teriyaki rice in the shape of a heart with the number 2 on there anything better????

Is it sad that Ella can use chop sticks better than me?

Next came the fried ice cream and weird birthday hat provided by the restaurant. Eden was not a huge fan.

She put it on just long enough to blow out the candle, but daddy ate the fried ice cream so that we could head home for our own dessert.

I feel like a bad mother for not planning a huge birthday party, but we were out of town last weekend (on her actual birthday) and well, it just didn't happen. Therefore, I bought some Tinkerbell decorations and made a cake. :)

There's a reason why David always makes the cakes....

I LOVE her new cheesy smile!

Blowing out the candle

Again with the cheesy smile...

Eating some cake

Not sure what Ella is doing but my guess is that she is adding to the mess on the table by cutting her cake up into tiny pieces

On to present time....thank you for the books and shoes Auntie Ashley!!

Of course Ella couldn't stand NOT helping
Thank you Aunt Mellissa for the cute outfit!!

Before I know it...she will be three!!!!


  1. Could your kids be any cuter? Happy Birthday Eden!

  2. I'm SOSOSOSO sad we missed it! It would've been alot more fun than Nowhere, Oklahoma!

  3. They grow so fast! So cute! The outfit that we got her looks really cute on. Glad she had a good birthday.

  4. I can't believe how big she is! I hope all is well with you guys :)

  5. I'm way behind...just now reading this post!! Eden looks adorable!! That cake was super cute too. You're too hard on yourself! Ava was very interested in the pictures of Eden's cut... :( She says to tell the girls hi! And she was very amused because she has on that same blue flowery outfit today that Eden had on. :) Your girls are getting so big!