Thursday, October 28, 2010

5 and 6 month pregnant pictures

Oh how one month can make a difference! Actually, I really feel like THIS week has been my week to pop!

5 months pregnant

6 months pregnant

Only a few months to go!!!!!!!!


  1. You don't even look like you are showing.

  2. You look so pretty Kaylane! Just happy and glowing. What is his name??

  3. That's sweet Aunt Sherrinda, but I would have to disagree. Plus, I hit that magical number on the scale today that sent me into a depression. :(

    Erin - Thank you for the sweet compliment! We're 95% sure that his name will be David. :)

  4. I do believe you when you say that you feel like you're going to pop, don't like what the scales say....blablabla... but you don't LOOK that way! You look great! I love that shirt on you by the way. :)