Friday, September 24, 2010

new york baby!

Last week David and I traveled to New York so that I could attend a work conference and we decided to stay a few extra days to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary!!! David took over 1,500 pictures of people, food and places, but below are a few of my favs that we took of each other. :)

What a cool way to capture what I looked like 5 months pregnant, huh?? You have to look hard, but behind my crazy wind-blown hair you can see the Statue of Liberty!

I SOOOO hope that our son looks like his daddy! He is just super handsome and I love that he chose me!!!

I can't remember what this fountain is called, but we took a bike tour around Central Park and this was one of our stops.

I wasn't sure how this picture would turn out because I asked the one non-English speaking person in the park to take it, but it might be one of my favorites! Way to go non-English speaking girl!!!

Ah - even after 5 years, one house, 2 (1/2) kids, 2 dogs, 2 jobs and a lot of challenges......I still think we make a pretty dang cute couple! :)
Here's to 5 more WONDERFUL years of marriage! I love you babe!!


  1. I love it! I always love spending time with my best

    And yes, we ARE a dang cute couple!

  2. Congratulations, you two! I love you guys!

  3. It was a GREAT time meeting your and your hubby, Mrs. Crandall :)