Friday, September 3, 2010

We're still in shock....

Earlier this morning we heard those three precious words we've been praying for...."IT'S A BOY!" David and I could not be more thrilled and excited about adding A SON to our family!

Proud Daddy

Proud Mommy

I am WELL aware that these are not the "manliest" onesies in the world, but come on!!!!! What little man wouldn't look adorable in them??? My mom and I found them at a cute little boutique in Indiana like a year ago and I bought thinking one day we would be able to use them. I'm pretty sure David hates them, but I might be able to sneak them on in the first few weeks. :)

Now these were not bought a year ago....but rather ten minutes ago! I just couldn't help myself.
Same for these. :)
Anyway, as you can see, I cannot wait to meet him and introduce you to him!


  1. Oh Kaylane, I am just so happy for you! Obviously, we all know girls are wonderful, but just like you I LONG for a son someday! I think that I will burst into tears if I ever here the words "it's a boy!"

    Anyhoo, congrats and I think those onesies are perfect, you can guarantee that my boy would be in those cute little outfits!

  2. We bought those outfits to bring you luck!! It worked!! I love the little outfits and I love the litle shoes!!
    Love, Nana

  3. Oh Kay - MY GOODNESS I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU! I know this is an answered prayer and I know it's what you've been praying for! I love you and I'm so happy for you guys!


  4. Yay!! Boys are great! I know we feel blessed to have both! The clothes are not as much fun, but their little personalities make up for it! We are so happy for you!

  5. I'm still in shock too!! I miss you. We need to talk soon. :) Hope you're feeling okay... and I love those little boy outfits by the way!

  6. Congrats fo the baby boy! I hope he's in good shape, Happy New Year!

    Sherman Unkefer