Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm in denial...Is Ella really 2 years old today???

That's right folks.....Miss Ella turned 2 years old today and I seriously can't believe it. She is an active, energetic, sassy, strong willed and beautiful dream come true.
Auntie Ashley and Ella at Red Robin

Auntie Ashley bought Ella her first "big girl" purse for her birthday. It's so cute I might have to steal it!!

I couldn't help but play with this picture (and the next picture) and make the fruit stick out b/c it just looked so cool!

Ella had just gotten out of the bath . Hence the wet hair. :)

After "dessert time" I was showing my mother-in-law some "new" clothes that my friend (Cheryl) gave me this week. She always gives me her girl's old clothes and Ella just HAD to put this gown on tonight. So cute!!!

I bought Ella some new shades for her birthday but it turned out that Eden liked them more!


Um......I want to go wake her up and kiss those chubby little cheeks!!! :)


  1. Happy Birthday to Ella! She's a beautiful girl, growing up too fast!

  2. Awwww! Happy Birthday Precious Great Niece!!!!!

  3. How sweet! Happy Birthday Ms Ella.

  4. Braylin has the same dress from the top 2 pictures. Sarah got it for her. Should we bring it to Texas and take a cousin pic? :) What is crazy about this is we haven't seen you guys since she was born...can that be right?? Happy Birthday to that big girl!

  5. happy birthday Ella

  6. Definitely bring it!!! :) I love me some cousin pics!!!

  7. Kaylane, your comment just made me laugh so much because one of my fears for Ellie in pregnancy is that she will inherit Todd's "crazy eye." He can't move his left eye to the left, it won't move at all - it's actually a syndrome called "Dwayne's Syndrome" and isn't that big of a deal, no one ever notices, he just turns his head instead of looking to the left, but sometimes he gets caught inbetween and you catch a glimpse of the crazy eye. I actually did research on it to find out if it's genetic..and it isn't, but what you said made me laugh! Can't wait to see you too!

  8. Happy birthday, Ella!!!!!

  9. I feel terrible that I didn't wish Ella a happy birthday when I saw her at church! I meant to call you on her birthday and then forgot (we were in Galveston..) Anyway, Happy Birthday Ella!!