Monday, April 20, 2009

Sitting up

Is this not the CUTEST back (and side rolls!!!) you've ever seen! Eden is starting to sit up on her own so Ella now thinks she is old enough to "play." She tries to hand her all of her big girl toys and I can't help but smile b/c the look on Eden's face screams, "Huh???"

Ella thought that it was necessary to try her stethoscope on Eden. Eden did not like it.

Ella drinking out of Eden's sippy cup. BUT, she is wearing her "big girl" panties under that huge red shirt! For some odd reason I decided that this weekend would be a good time to start working on the whole potty training I put panties on her when she woke up and then took her to the potty every 30 minutes to an hour. She did great. We had several successes and one accident.....which happened to be on our bed!!! I was fixing my hair for dinner and I looked over at the bed to check on Eden (who was watching TV!) and I saw Ella standing there with a STREAM flowing straight out of her panties onto our bed. I was like, "NO! NO! NO!!!!" I think I freaked her out a bit, but ever since then she has been more vocal about having to tee tee or poo poo. Perhaps it won't take too long to get her trained. :) It's very difficult to keep at it when I have to work during the week, but I guess I'll just keep working with her on the weekends and one day she will be able to walk in public without a diaper!

Little miss waiting for her next bite.

This is an "Ella" face....usually occurs after she's done something she shouldn't have!!

Um...Eden is a little bird and she LOVES to eat!


  1. Sounds like Ella is ready for Eden to run around with her and get in trouble together. haha! Love the cute rolls, I just want to pinch them. She is sitting up really well. Wow, since easter she is sitting up... Pretty cool Ms Eden.

  2. Good luck with potty training! I have had to potty train two of the kids that I nanny for and both times the best thing was to just go cold turkey on more diapers, if they pee, it goes down their leg and they hate it and won't want to do it anymore! Of course that is easier said than done when you don't want stains on your carpet and furniture! good luck...Eden's little rolls look so squeezably cute!

  3. That baby girl is adorable! And I can't believe how big Ella is!

  4. OH you are SO brave!! I am scared to start potty training! Beckham knows what to do, but I haven't dared to put him in underwear yet. While I am on maternity leave, I am just gonna have to bite the bullet and do it! It sure will be nice to only have 1 in diapers!! Glad to hear about David's new job!! Your girls are GORGEOUS!!!