Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ella's Birthday Party

Here are just a few pics from Ella's birthday party last weekend.

Birthday Girl!

Favorite pic from the party. Memaw and Eden

Love it!

Not sure what's going on here....

It's present time!!!

Ella enjoying her cake.

Eden taking a sip of water....I hope!!! :)

We let the kids decorate their own cup cakes with icing, mini M&Ms, mini oreos and sprinkles.

Grandma Hall made this SUPER CUTE cake!!! THANK YOU GRANDMA!!!

I sat out a bowl of goldfish for the kids since it was at 3 o'clock and they had already eaten lunch.

Miss Maggie sliding down into the water

Sweet pic of Ella and Ava

We bought 250 bounce house balls......which apparently was a good idea b/c they kept Eden entertained!!

This is the blow up toddler pool we bought at Toys R Us. It was a hit!

Memaw and Ashley

This didn't happen at the party, but some of you have been asking to see Ella's burns. She had another run in with a straightening iron last Thursday. :(

She has named this one "Bunny Rabbit." Ashley and I laugh every time she lifts up her arm and says, "Look....bunny rabbit."


  1. We CANNOT wait to see you guys! The bouncy balls were a great idea! Ashley if you are reading this, that is a great picture of you and Memaw!

  2. Looks like fun!! Except those burns, poor baby. The girls are precious!!