Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Teaching Ella about chores!!

That's right folks.....Ella is learning what it means to be "mommy's little helper!"

I pulled the kitchen chair up to the sink and showed Ella how to wash Eden's bottles.

She thought the bubbles were funny.
Learning to use a sponge.

Um....slight moment of weakness....she wanted to eat the bubbles.
Next - Daddy showed Ella how to feed the dogs.
What shall I train her on next.....LAUNDRY!!! :)


  1. I vote to teach her to Swiffer. Take the center piece out of the handle and it becomes just the right height for toddlers to help! (Not that I would know from recruiting my cousin's little one or anything... hee hee).

  2. Boy, does that remind me of "little" Kaylane!!! You are such a great mommie....I'm so proud of you. You and David are great parents.......