Saturday, August 9, 2008

Swimming with the Cousins

We went to a cousin's swim date a few weeks ago (yes, I've been bad about blogging lately so these pics are a few weeks old) and Ella wasn't quite as excited about the pool as Ava and the rest of the kiddos were. David got in with her, but she had more fun running around the pool and eating! That's my girl! :)

Quick Baby #2 Update: I praise God every single day that she is healthy and growing on track, but if the next two months don't pass quickly, I might die!!!! :) I am ready to be done. VERY READY. It's 106 degrees outside and I am cranky. My next appointment is this coming Thursday so I'll let you know if there is anything exciting to share.

Not sure what Ella is thinking about Ava in this picture..but she was determined NOT to smile.

This was their first time to try arm floaties....clearly Ella wasn't a fan. Ava on the other hand LOVES the water!!!


  1. I don't envy you being pregnant now while it's a million degrees outside. Hopefully Ella will develop a quick love of the pool, because I'm sure the water sounds delightful to you!! I know I kept trying to get Greg to take me to Barton Springs here in Austin because the water is a constant 68 degrees!!

  2. I have always thought that being pregnant in the hot summertime would be miserable! I am sorry you have to endure such a thing. Soon you'll have another precious little girl and it will all be worth it! Love you!