Monday, May 7, 2007

My First Day as a Father

Today was my first day as a parent. You'll have to forgive me if the following post is the most emotional one I've ever posted...I've only had 2 hours of sleep in the past 40 hours. When God brought Kaylane into my life, my world went from black and white to color. I don't even know the analogy to use now that He has put Ella into our lives.

Labor was difficult for Kaylane...and difficult for me to watch. Hospitals provide drugs to the mother which hopefully dull any long lasting memories. No drugs for the father. No numbing. I sat helpless only to pray and beg God to hold safe the two dearest things in my life. Thank you, God, for doing just that. Delivery. I won't lie and make you think that I thought delivery to be beautiful...the idea of it is, the aesthetics of it isn't. It was scientifically interesting for me to watch what was happening, but I was surprisingly analytical about the whole thing. I think I was just scared for Mommy and Baby. However, after almost 20 hours of labor and much pain, the most incredible woman I've ever met delivered the most amazing thing that we've ever held.

And so began my first moments as a father. I held onto my wife's precious hand not wanting to leave her until she was safe but watching my newborn child only feet away. Kaylane looked at me and smiled and told me to go to her. The next moment I was touching earth's newest angel...and those were my first five minutes as a father.

Tonight, I sat holding my daughter only inches from my face; the nurse said this was a good bonding exercise. I figured it was worth a shot. She had mostly slept the previous 18 hours of her life but for some reason had opened her eyes as I was holding her and talking to her. She looked into my eyes. To say the least, the nurse was right. Kaylane was talking (and hadn't looked over yet) and asked, "Don't you just love her!" At that point she looked over and saw tears streaming down my face. We laughed as she said, "I guess so".

I can't wait for day number 2 as a father.

So, here's the real thing that you are after: Stats and Pictures. Stats: 7 lbs and 4 oz. 19.5 inches long. Born at 3:14am on 5/6/07. Pictures: There are a lot. I'm new to this and couldn't figure out how to choose which pictures to share.

And so I present, my daughter...Ella Rae Crandall. (Click on the picture for a larger version.)

Only minutes old

Daddy loves Mommy

This is the same outfit that Daddy came home from the hospital in when he was a baby

Black and white is just plain cute




Ella's very first kiss

Many kisses later

Posing already for the camera


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! Your blog was beautiful. I feel as if I were there. I know I don't have to tell you this, but treasure every moment. It seems like only yesterday that Nathaniel was one day old, but it was over two years ago. They're such a precious gift from God, and they make life so much more fulfilling. Get ready for the best days of your life.

  2. David and Kay-she is beautiful!!! Give her a kiss from Auntie Manda!! And Robert and Wyatt too;)

    We love you all!

  3. She's beautiful! I am so happy for all of you!

    Kaylane's coworker, Jodi

  4. Congrats!!! She is just a beauty! I am so glad all is well and I can't wait to meet the newest addition to the Crandall family! God has blessed you all!

  5. Oh my goodness, she is just BEAUTIFUL...and looks like you both! I am soooooo happy for you two. Cinco de Mayo...I see you tried...for 20 hours (I'm so sorry). But look what you've made together:). Many kisses & hugs!!

    Love you,

  6. CONGRATS!!! what a beautiful little girl.

  7. SHE IS GORGEOUS! And I am so glad to find the blog so that I can keep up with your growing family. What a gift your little Ella is and will continue to be. I can't wait to meet her!

    Ricky and I are so thrilled for your guys.


    I keep pictures of our family at this blog site:

  8. byles03@yahoo.comMay 07, 2007

    She is so cute!
    You are going to make wonderful parents. I loved your blog. Thats special and priceless. I will stay in touch with you.
    angela mcmurray

  9. Randy and CathyMay 07, 2007

    And now you are three! :)

    Congratulations on your little gift from God! She is so cute and you both look so happy! We'll be praying for you more blissful days ahead! Call me if you need anything!

  10. Congratulations! The blog was beautiful, it made me cry:) I'm so happy for your new family, she is a georgous little girl who is very blessed:)

    Kaylane, you are going to be an amazing mom:)
    Jessica (Butcher)Durnal

  11. AnonymousMay 08, 2007

    Congratulations! Ella is just perfect. I can't wait to come meet her! Give her a big kiss from her Aunt Candice! I love you guys!

  12. Ella is precious! You guys are blessed with a beautiful little girl.

    Keep the pictures coming!

  13. erin faubusMay 09, 2007

    SHE'S PRECIOUS! And the two of you look so happy. I love love LOVE the nursery...the polka dots are just about the cutest idea I have ever seen. Oh my goodness, Kaylane you are a MOM! Love you all!

  14. Angie ThompsonMay 10, 2007

    What a lil blessing Ella Rae is!! You all are a beautiful family! I am so happy for you!! Sending all my prayers & much joy!
    -Angie T.

  15. YAY YAY YAY She is sooooooo beautiful and thank you for sharing so many awesome pics! :D You two are the most amazing parents any child could ever imagine! Blessings!

  16. YAY YAY YAY!!! She is soooo beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing so many awesome pics! :D You two are the most amazing parents any child could imagine!!! Blessings!!!! :D

  17. danielleMay 13, 2007

    Hey guys..miss ella is stunning. Im soo stinkin happy for you guys!! You are gonna have to bring that little angel to Pennsylvania, because Id really like to love her!! :) I miss you both tons..get in touch sometime (in your "spare" time..haha) i love you all!