Monday, May 14, 2007

One Week of Parenting

Here are some more pictures. (I did a little photo manipulation with a few of the pictures.)

After one full week of being a parent I can officially say that I love it. Contrary to what everyone has told me, my fatherly instinct has not yet manifested at night though. Kaylane has to wake my up (which I have asked her to do) to change and feed Ella. Apparently last night I slept right through a screaming fit. Sweet. :)

Other than that, I feel like a dad...and I love it! We took Ella to church on Sunday and she was so good. (Now for those of you who just had a stroke because we took a newborn out into the big, bad, germ-infested world, please know that less people touched her at church than had been around her all week prior. The doctor had no stress since it is not flu season and so off we went.) She was great. We had a tiny fuss at one point but were fine as soon as we pulled a bottle out of the diaper bag. Yay for bottles!

Hope you like the pictures.

Our first bath; notice my brand new belly button!

Mother's Day lunch with Uncle Christopher

My bunny towel.

I'm an angel.

Just because Daddy loves me.

And one to show how much Toby is "loving" it...


  1. byles03@yahoo.comMay 14, 2007

    The pictures are so adorable!

  2. Keep 'em coming...she is adorable!

  3. CUTE!! Glad you are getting into Daddy took Randy a while-and with twins-I needed all the help I could get:)

    Kay-you've got a good man!!

  4. Sweet baby girl, she's so cute!

    1. needs to show her p---y

  5. a little lower next time mum, she was being such a good girl lifting her little legs and spreading them open to show her lovely bald p---y