Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week 8, 9 and 10 Pics

I'm a bit behind on my weekly postings.....but I have three kids. Give me a break! :)

He weighed in at 14 lbs and 4 oz at his 8 week old check up! And he was 23 inches long! BIG BOY!!

I love this picture. Both Davids look precious! I was getting ready for church and found them like this when I got out of the shower.

Then they moved to this position. Poor little man has acid reflux so it hurts him to lay flat on his back after he eats. He seemed to like this position!

Here he is in his 2 month old onesie. As you can see, he has learned to smile! This is not his best one, but they are all SO SWEET!!!! We all talk "baby talk" these days because his smile will warm your heart!!! LOVE IT!!!

Here is his more serious "leave me alone" look.

I LOVE THE LIGHT IN THESE PICTURES! I grabbed the camera one morning (even though we were late for a doctor's appointment) and the setting on the camera was just perfect with the sun that was coming in through the window. It makes my heart happy to think this is what Big David looked like as a baby. I just think it is awesome when a baby looks identical to a parent....kind of wish one of my babies would look like ME, but that's OK. :)

He's getting too big, too fast. Makes me tear up a bit.

Waiting for the rest of us to get ready for church.

"It's getting late guys......"

Sunday afternoon nap on the couch. LOVE THOSE!!!

Oh my, do I even need to say it???? HE IS SO PRECIOUS!!!

I'm his favorite :)

Although, he was quite fond of Nana when she came to visit this month! They were sleeping buddies!!! MOMMY GOT TO SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! Thank you Nana!

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