Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Week Old

I can't believe that my sweet little boy is one week old today. He really is an amazing baby. He sleeps ALL of the time and eats like Ella did.....whenever you wake him up and make him mad! I couldn't have asked for a better baby...although David is praying that it stays this way as Eden's colic didn't kick in until she was one month old. Fingers crossed that we will not have to deal with that again!

I love this picture because Edward's face explains it all! CHAOS!

Granddad meeting David for the first time (David's middle name of "Allen" comes from my dad)

Granddad and Eden checking out her baby brother

David sunbathing

Sweet love of mine

I REALLY hope that this facial expression is not an indication that he will have Eden's scowl! :) Check out that eyebrow lift!

ALWAYS sleeping...but I'm not complaining.

One of my mom's favorite pictures of him. He's awake and looks so precious!

Valentine's Day picture of the three of us


  1. Oh my goodness he is so precious!! And although he does look a lot like his daddy...he looks JUST like his mommy in that picture where he's scowling with one eyebrow raised! NO denying! Ha!

  2. HEY!!! Miss you! COME SEE US SOON!