Friday, April 9, 2010

we love our aunt chelsea!!!

There's simply nothing better than opening up mail that is NOT bills!!! I came home from work a couple of weeks ago to a package from my friend Chelsea. Inside were two ADORABLE dresses for the girls! I quickly changed them and took them outside in the backyard to get some pictures because the sun was setting and it was such a beautiful day. They still don't love the camera in their faces but below are a few good shots.


I love this one. The girls love to hold hands so I try to get as many pictures as possible of this period in time because I'm sure the day is coming where this will not be the case.

She actually smiled when I asked her to!!! IMPROVEMENT!

Sweet Ella

I love how the sun is hitting her in this shot.

This face means she is up to something.....or using the bathroom. :)

Sweet Eden

Playing with the grass

Same shot as above but just in color.
THANK YOU CHELSEA!!! You are loved from afar!!!


  1. I love these pictures. Chelsea, if you see my comment...thank you so much! The girls look so cute in these!

  2. These pictures are gorgeous - I love them! Ellie has that same dress that Eden has in a little onepiece/bubble thing for this summer and it has a matching hat! Love it.

    Ella is just gorgeous and so grown up, I love her hair.