Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eden's Birthday Pics

Why are people singing and staring at me???

What is this???

Not really loving the idea of daddy helping her

Then she got the hang of it

Mommy and Daddy with the birthday girl!!!

Precious love

The Crandall Family

We never got a chance to dedicate Ella when she was an infant so decided to dedicate her this morning with the other newborns. We learned a valuable lesson.......DEDICATE YOUR CHILDREN BEFORE THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH TO WIGGLE AND FUSS THE ENTIRE TIME!!! Thank you to Jason and Laura Burnett for dedicating Clara twice so that we wouldn't be the only family on stage in the 10:45 service. :)

Jason, Laura and Baby Clara

After church we put Eden's new walker together and let her go to town on the sidewalk. SHE LOVES IT! Thank you Jennifer and Lucas!!!


  1. We're sorry to have missed Ella's dedication. Riley was having some "issues" down below, and we were worried she'd have some kind of problem in the nursery. The party was fun. Thanks for inviting us!!

  2. Thanks for having us over for Edens birthday party. She has grown so much. Happy Birthday Eden!!!

  3. I'm glad you all could make it! Eden is one lucky girl and we appreciate the love you show her!

  4. I can't believe Eden is one!! It makes me sad to think of how fast that went because I know I'm going to blink and my baby will be 1 as well. :( Why does it go so fast?! However...tonight couldn't possibly go fast enough. Alan still isn't home and it's 9:30. This was my first night to deal with both girls/ get them in bed by myself. Ava was testing me to the limit and and Micah screamed most the evening. I nearly lost control....seriously. Waaah!

  5. Hang in there pretty momma! You're doing GREAT and Micah WILL be one before you know it!