Sunday, August 9, 2009

One 10 month old and one 2 year old

I'm way behind on posting and I have lots of things to update you on so the next few posts will probably be out of order and random. Sorry!

First up.....Eden is 10 MONTHS OLD! I can't believe we are a month and a half away from celebrating her first birthday. Tear.

She likes to sit on her knees and yank on the bottom of your pants to be picked up. :)

She is crawling EVERYWHERE and fast!

Daddy has been teaching her to walk, but I think she still prefers to be held. :)

She's still my little dark haired beauty and I LOVE her! We got her hair cut for the first time several weeks ago so I will post those pics next. (I have to get them off of the other computer.)

Ella is the only 2 year old I choose to be around these days and that is only because she is mine! I'm not sure if Ava or Maggie are as "strong-willed" as Ella is, but oh my word!!!!! She hardly lets me fix her hair so most days it is in her face and drives me nuts....she only wants juice or milk in the cup I didn't already pour liquid in.....and heaven forbid you try and help her bathe at night. :) I've been told that one day I will miss these days. Hmmmm.....that'll be the day!

My favorite thing right now - watching her practice her smiling! How funny is this face??? And a little creepy...

Oh yeah - and also keeps falling on her face as she runs out of our house in her flip flops which results in constant scrapes on her knees.


  1. You know that I'm reading!!! I have to agree that I don't like the 2 year old stage much, but Maggie will let me fix her hair. :o) Eden is looking so grown up!!!

  2. We need to talk soon! We can share stories and whine together about 2 year olds! Oh my....Ava is going to be the death of me. Love her, but she's about taken me to my wits' end lately!! She won't let anyone help her do anything and says, "I can do it" "My turn" and "No, I don't" about a million times a day!

  3. I'm not glad that your 2 year old is kind of rotten, but I am glad that mine isn't the only one!! Most days I just have to keep telling myself "This too shall pass!"

    Laura Pyle