Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eden's First Haircut

My little dumpling survived her first hair cut last month. Yes - she got her first hair cut when she was 9 months old and she already needs another one!

Before (and happy)

Putting on the cape

Doing OK after the first few cuts.....

.....not doing so good once she figured out what was going on!

Check out the length!

The final product! Um....does anyone else think that she inherited her mommy (and Nana's!!) very defined eyebrows???!!!??? We'll never have to guess when she is mad. :)

Thank you Lynn!!!

David took the girls to a near-by park while I got my hair done. Eden was in a MUCH better mood with some McDonald's french fries in her hands. :)

I took this picture later that day after she took a nap. So sweet she is!!!

Eden and Ella playing with each other. I love it!!

Dressed up and all ready for church

It's Baby Kaylane.....


  1. She really is a baby Kaylane! I love it. I can't believe she already needed a hair cut, little cutie.

    It's funny that you said that about the shelves over the changing table because last night I "practiced" changing my nephew Grayer's diaper on there and he was going nuts trying to get up and pull the mirror down. I think I sometimes don't think past Ellie being a newborn! But oh well, I was going to hang them over her bed, which could really have been bad!

  2. Ha! That's hilarious! Unfortunately they only stay newborns for a very short period of time. I miss that......

    We've had several random earthquakes here and it has really made me second-guess the placement of our wall hangings!

  3. Eden's haircut is SO cute! Oh my goodness...she looks exactly like what I always pictured a daughter of yours looking like! We miss y'all so much and I wish so badly that we could get our girls together soon!! If only I wasn't 2.5 weeks away from my due date... We'll come to Dallas asap. :)