Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th!!!

I hope that you all had a great 4th of July weekend! We certainly did.....well, until I got sea sick and had to leave the lake early. :(

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Hall for treating us (or at least treating David and Ella) to a fireworks show on Lake Grapevine!!!

David, Ella, Eden and Grandpa

Grandpa and sweet!

Grandma and Eden....equally sweet! Except that Eden was screaming at this point in time! Notice Linda's hand pressing her pacifier to her face. :)

Daddy and his little girl....BEFORE we got on the boat.

and here she is AFTER we got on the boat!!! She HATED the life jacket but had to wear it if the engine was running.

Once we got out on the water she was able to take it off, which helped her mood a little bit.

Mommy and Ella....before I started feeling nauseous.

Ella driving the boat with Grandpa

Ella and Grandma
The fireworks were scheduled to start at 9:30pm but at 9pm I was about five seconds away from vomiting so I decided to head home with Eden. AS SOON as we got home she was all smiles! Apparently she has her mommy's "boat shaking tolerance." :)
Back to lunch break is over. :(


  1. Okay...too funny! That picture of Eden crying was hilarious! Now, I want to see a picture of you feeling all nauseous! lol

  2. No you don't!!! Believe me! I had no idea I would react that way but I felt AWFUL!!!

  3. The pic of Eden actually made me laugh out loud. Poor thing, she was NOT a happy camper! Looks like overall ya'll had a blast though.

  4. I wanted to see pictures of you in the white onesie! We just got internet service LAST NIGHT. I feel so behind on life it's not even funny. Sorry I still haven't called you. My life is a fruit basket turnover right now. :) I'm doing a little better though. Too bad you can't be on strong meds when you're pregnant. :) I will talk to you soon. Miss you!!