Saturday, July 4, 2009


Eden is 9 months old.....AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Her 9 month old check up is next week so I will post her stats then.

I realize that it looks like she has her two front teeth in this picture, but it's just the light glistening off her tongue! She only has her two bottom teeth right now.

She's really smart! I asked her to point to the puppy's nose and she did. JUST KIDDING!!!

We've entered the crawling stage. She does more of the scooting thing right now, but when she wants to she gets up all on fours.

I told Ella to come make Eden laugh and as soon as she got on the floor Eden starting attacking her face!


After. Notice the red mark on Ella's left cheek. Eden bit her. Oh dear.

We eat A LOT of Mum Mums in our house!

Ella thinks she needs the Mum Mums too. Hey, whatever holds them over until dinner time works for me!!!

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