Monday, June 29, 2009

father's day 2009

Hmmm....I'm only a couple of weeks late in posting this but David knows that I think he is the best dad in the world (no offense dad!!) so this is really just a post to show how cute he looks all dressed up for church with the two reasons he works so hard on a daily basis!!!

On Father's Day we went to Plymouth Park Church of Christ to support my Uncle John as he was "sworn" in as their new preacher. It was such a blessing to share that moment with the rest of our family and we praise God for this incredible opportunity for Uncle John!!
Eden was praising God in her sleep!

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  1. AWwww! We sure loved having you there! I think that Eden was frowning during John's LONG speech after his swearing in!! lol
    Oh...and Ashley was so funny laughing at me while I was shaking everyone's hand during the receiving line! ha