Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Opening Presents - Part 1

The first six pictures are from Auntie Beth's visit back in April. Ella got to open her presents early so Beth could be there!

She is a little nervous of the bag....

....then she started clapping....

....then she pulled out an adorable outfit but was more excited about the hanger....

....then she used the hanger to point at pictures in her new book....

....and then she clapped at the end again. :)

Ella and her two aunts.
Now, the next few pictures were taken by Ella's Uncle Jason. I haven't even looked at the pictures we took on our camera last Saturday, but here are just a few of her opening her presents from all of her wonderful friends!
Morgan and Joseph (her cousins) got her the cutest bikini!

Daddy helping out.
I'll post more later.....


  1. Good job Jason on the photo taking. I trained him well..haha

  2. Man, she got a lot of loot! Gotta love Birthdays. And I love that David is in the floor with her opening presents- too sweet!