Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Birthday Bash #2

Right after I got pregnant with Ella we started attending 121 Community Church in Grapevine. Our Life Group was FULL of preggos so we all got to experience the joys of pregnancy together. Since they were all born within weeks of each other, we decided to throw them a combined birthday bash!

Each of the four kiddos had a cup cake with their name on it.

Ella wanted to touch it SO bad!

And of course....as soon as she saw the flame....

...she touched it!!!! I then had to give her a bottle just to calm her down. :)

Then I put her back in the high chair and she enjoyed the sweet goodness!

How cute is this cake?

All four mommies holding up their offspring! Dane (far right) was born first in late April, then Ella was born on May 6th, then Bishop (to the right of Ella) was born a week or so later, then Alyssa (far left) was born a week or so after Bishop.

All four birthday babies listening to us sing Happy Birthday

Proud mommy and daddy!

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  1. How sweet! Poor little Ella touching the flame! I love the little clip in her hair, too cute!