Friday, September 21, 2007

Play date at the Boutwell's

When David and I started attending 121 Community Church I was only one of like a million pregnant ladies. Our small group alone had like eight preggos and most of us were due within days of each other! Well, now that all of us have had our kiddos, a friend of mine has been arranging play dates every other week or so. Today's play date was at Erica's house and it was so much fun!

This is Logan....he is the oldest of the bunch. I believe he is a little over a year old. And yes, he has some left-over chicken spaghetti on his chin! :)

This of course is my little angel. She had an absolute blast in Bishop's excersaucer!

This is Slade. How cute is he??

And we all know little Bishop! I call him Ella's boyfriend because they just sit and stare at each other. It is so cute!

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