Monday, September 24, 2007

Heavy Heart

I don't have much time to write since I am at work today, but if you want to know the whole story behind Copeland's anticipated arrival and birth, please feel free to go to

In response to their request, I am asking you to pray over some friends of mine, Boothe and Conor Farley. Last Tuesday they gave birth to a beautiful little girl (Copeland Fair Farley) who is not expected to live very long due a disease called Trisomy-18. God has already blessed them with more time than they ever thought they would have with her, but things have taken a turn for the worse today and they are in major need of prayer. Please pray for strength and peace for these two parents as they finally surrender their little girl to her Father.


  1. Kaylane - Thank you for posting this. I just read the latest post on Boothe's blog and was so touched! Wow. She's so gifted at writing her thoughts clearly. My heart aches for them, and I am lifting them up in prayer. I really appreciate you sharing this with us!

  2. Thank you Kaylane for sharing this. It really hits home when you have kiddos of your own!

    I pray this family will be lifted up, and keep rejoicing in the Lord!!

  3. I don't think I've cried that hard in a long time. Their faith amazes and inspires me. Please send them our love and we will continue to pray for their family!

  4. Believe me, I know. I check their blog at least every thirty minutes (even when I am at work) and I often find myself crying in my cubicle. God has been VERY good to the children and grandchildren in our family and it is because of situations like these that I absolutely praise Him for that!!!