Friday, August 3, 2007

Having Fun with the Ketchersids

My great-grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this month! Isn't that incredible!! All the Ketchersid kids came in this week to help them celebrate.

Grandma kissing me!

She loves holding me!

This is mommy's Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Tony from Oregon. They're pretty awesome!

Isaac passing me on to Ketch.

Trey showing me how to pose for the camera.

Mommy tried to make me fall asleep on the floor since it was my bedtime....

....but Ketch kept me company for a while.

This is me asleep in my bed later that night....I prefer to sleep on my belly with my face smashed in the sheet!


  1. What a cute family! I can't believe how big those kids are. I'm assuming these pics are from yesterday, before the big bus trip. That's funny that Ella sleeps that way- Brynley has slept like that since about that age too! What funny girls. :) Hopefully we'll see you Sunday!!!

  2. Looks like all the Ketchersid's are having too much fun;)

    Adorable as usual:)