Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ella's First Official Photo Shoot

Some of you may have figured out that the majority of the posts are by Kaylane and not me (David). However, I wanted to do a little post tonight.

The light was great tonight after we finished dinner. Kaylane and I took Ella in the backyard with the intent of doing a little photo shoot. I took WAY more pictures than the 4 I'm about to post, but most of them look the same, so I thought I'd share the 4 most unique pictures. (Remember to click on the pictures for a bigger version.)

I think we may try and do some of the same shots tomorrow but dress her up really pretty.

PS - A lot of people have told me that they have wanted to comment (ALWAYS WELCOME!!!) but couldn't figure out how to. I have changed the link to be a tad bit more obvious. Just scroll to the end of this post and look for the "CLICK HERE TO COMMENT" link. It's all cake after that. :)


  1. That third one could not get any better!! That is a perfect shot-great light, awesome pose! You did great!

    I cant wait to see more:)

  2. Look at those chunky cheeks! I love them! I'm excited to have a new picture for my desktop background. That third one is too cute!

  3. Hey David,
    the pics are just too cute. Makes me wish i was there. love ya

  4. The second is my favorite....just in case you were wondering!