Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 4 and 5!

We're getting settled into our daily routine ever so slowly. No two days have looked exactly the same, but we are getting our work done and having fun as much as possible. Every once in a while I have to remind them that they are still "in school" so they need to calm down and be respectful of our school time - but for the most part, they are doing great!

Eden is losing teeth left and right! Since this picture was taken, she lost another bottom tooth! 

My Ella

Working hard

We start each day with memory verse work and a "draw through the Bible" lesson. I read a Bible story out loud and the girls draw whatever they want to represent what they are hearing. It has been an incredible way to get our "God time" in BEFORE the dreaded bedtime routine when no one is in the mood to sit still and listen. :) 

The beginnings of Ella's drawings - the clock represents the time that had passed, the man is Noah, the 40 represents the days and the rainbow is self explanatory! :) 

Eden's work for Noah's Ark

Ella's finished drawing with her memory verse at the bottom

I'm sorry - when did Eden start to look like a woman???!!!???

I decided to try something new and it is working GREAT! I take a plain piece of white printer paper and create a lesson plan for each child for that day. They feel so empowered when they get to check off a task that I think it makes them work harder! Hmmm...they might get that from me. ;) 

Eden working on her first spelling crossword puzzle

Busy board day! 

Ella is in the beginning stages of multiplication and Saxon uses the "groups of" visual concept to begin learning this lesson. Look at the arms on this kid! 

Multiplication here we come!!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when I walk into the classroom and find Ella sincerely helping Eden. Makes my day!!!

Ella working on her reading lesson

This was crazy to me. I opened up their memory verse notebooks and could not tell which one belonged to Ella and which one belonged to Eden! Their handwriting is becoming identical!! 

I decided to call Memaw and let the girls recite their memory verse for her. They were so surprised and excited when she started reciting HERS to them!! SO SWEET! 

And - the coolest thing that happened to us this week was that we decided to make "thank you" cards for the police officers and as we were delivering them, Channel 5 News just happened to be there covering a different story and asked if they could interview the kids! It was super special and a great way for my kids to see how doing something nice for someone else can potentially lead to something nice happening to YOU! :) 

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