Thursday, October 2, 2014

10 Months Old!

Today was a great day! My Eden turned 6 years old and my Ivy turned 10 months old!

Milestones to date:

*She is a crawling pro!
*If you put her in her walker, you had better watch out because she can move!!! The backs of our ankles are all bruised. She loves to "walk" over to my island and pull the season salt off the shelf.
*She is pulling up on EVERYTHING, especially the back of your legs if you stand in one place for longer than a minute.
*She is still drooling 24 hours a day but still only has her two bottom teeth.
*She is wearing a size 4 in diapers and a size 9 or 12 months in clothes.
*She started doing a funny little laugh today - she opens her mouth and "cough" laughs. ADORABLE!!!
*She drinks more formula than she eats baby food. She wants our food really bad so I give her whatever she can handle with two teeth, but she's not that interested in pureed foods. Typical Crandall kid!! She loves puffs and has started eating a lot of graham crackers. She drinks a little bit of water every now and again when she can tip her first sippy cup up to where something comes out. :)
*She loves, loves, loves the bath! I'm pretty sure she would stay in there for hours if I let her.
*She LOVES her siblings and they love her!

Very solemn face tonight. It's way past her bedtime and she just got out of the bath so she is ready for her bottle and bed! 

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  1. You forgot to note that she is known by all as the most beautiful baby ever born! :)