Saturday, May 18, 2013

Eden Kate Crandall

My precious Eden Kate is growing up SO fast! This was her first year of preschool and she did GREAT!!! I almost hate to look back at her first day of school picture because it is just more proof that I can't keep her from growing up. Because of the way her birthday falls (October 2nd) she attended the 3's class this year and then she will attend the 4's class in the fall.....and then it is off to kindergarten in the fall of 2014! AHHHHHH! :) I must admit that I am really excited that she will won't be in kindergarten this coming year because I fully anticipate A LOT of help from her with the new baby who is coming in December. She already talks to him or her in my belly and tonight she drew me a picture that was me, the baby in my belly and me holding a flower. It almost made me cry. :) She also told David that she was going to give the baby a hug and he was like, "well, you won't really be able to do that for a while," and she responded with, "yes I can, I just hug mommy's belly and the baby feels it." I'm trying to remember all of her sweet comments and gestures because she is such a little mommy and it melts my heart. Little D is over being "babied" so I am excited to give her someone new to mommy soon!

Here she is back in August 2012 and then just last week on her last day of 3's class!

I love you my sweet Eden Kate!

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