Tuesday, January 10, 2012

day two of housewife training: Unloading/loading the dishwasher and feeding brother

We hit the ground running today! Ella was at preschool all day so it was just me and good old Eden - but she didn't miss a beat!
First chore = unloading the silverware from the dishwasher
The day she's been waiting for....PERMISSION TO PLAY IN THE SOAPY DISH WATER!
She loved every minute of it!
The foot stools that David bought them for their bathroom have come in very handy!

After about 20 minutes of scrubbing the same bowl, she finally loaded it into the dishwasher :)
Putting a box top into our special ziplock bag. We've been clipping them for months now. I probably only have 30 or 40, but my wax lady's son collects them for school so I thought we might be able to help!
Love this picture :) Final chore of the day was helping me feed David.
Yep - not a day goes by that poor David doesn't have to play dress up with the girls :)

Silly kiddos....


  1. Eden's looking so old these days! What happened?? Also, I think she looks a lot like Ella in this last picture. Let me know if they want to come do chores at my house :)

  2. I know - it makes me a little sad that they both look more like little ladies than toddlers. :( The greatest part of this week is that they are actually excited about cleaning! :) Using that to my advantage!

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