Monday, May 2, 2011

11 week old pics

Although this is one of the sweetest "first smile" pics in all of the world, you're probably wondering why we dressed Baby David in pink. WE DIDN'T! This is Ella!!! Doesn't Baby D look JUST like her????

His face is a little bit rounder than hers was, but some of the pictures I take of him just make me smile because they bring back sweet memories of Ella when she was his age.

He still sleeps on his back half of the time and his tummy the other half. It's works out great for me because we've been instructed to do a lot of tummy time in order to "shape" his skull properly so I just use his nap times as "exercise time." :)

He doesn't love the bumbo seat just yet, but it is another good method of strengthening his neck muscles so I try to get him to sit in it every now and again.

One of my very favorite times of the day.....when daddy walks in the door after being at work all day! The kids go bonkers! It is just precious.

Telling daddy about his day - he has REALLY started to "coo" a lot.

He loves to be swaddled tightly but he is the strongest baby we've ever had because he can work his way out in seconds!!! It is unreal!!!

Happy baby

This is his "coo-smile." When he really gets goin' it is awesome! David got him to laugh for the first time this weekend and I got a little bit of it on video so I will try to post that later. IT IS SO SWEET!

Scrunched up little man :)

Baby D and Ella

His face looks more and more mature as the days go by. Make it stop!!! :)

"Flirt" smile :)

I love how his chubby little cheeks sag

Have a great week! I'll post pictures of him next week to celebrate his 3 month mark!!!

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