Saturday, January 8, 2011

35 weeks preggo

Let the countdown begin......and not a moment too soon! I'm huge, cranky and severely uncomfortable so I am definitely ready to meet this little guy!!! My due date is Valentine's Day but my doctor will induce me on the 9th if he hasn't come on his own by then. Although I don't love the idea of induction, I really am SO over this pregnancy so I don't foresee me passing on the option. So long as he comes out healthy, I will be happy!!

I haven't been very good about documenting this pregnancy with photos but I asked David to snap a few shots of me today to mark my 35 week mark.


  1. I just told Sheree I needed to call you and check in since there hadn't been a blog post in FOREVER. Glad you're nearing the end.. hang in there. We're all waiting for the good news. :)

  2. Hi!

    I would like to talk to you about an article I wrote that, being a parent, I think you would enjoy (on early childhood education). I'd love it if you could drop me an email quick so I can give you more details if you're interested or if you were interested in new content for your blog.


  3. So I'm sitting by Alan while checking your blog and he said, "Kaylane's pregnant AGAIN??!!" Ha! He's totally out of touch and thought you had already had your 3rd baby and were on to the 4th. Oh man, made me laugh really hard. You look great by the way!!