Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update on Eden

Thank you to all those who have been praying for Eden. She is finally asleep in her crib....NOT in my arms! I took her to Ella's follow-up appointment on Friday and had the doctor check her since she was snotty and cranky. The doctor confirmed that she was getting RSV and that I should give her the breathing treatments once she started wheezing. So, we went home and went about our day. On Saturday we stayed in all day and she acted REALLY cranky and clingy so I knew it was going to be a long night. I told David to go out and I would stay with the girls since Eden goes to bed at 7pm and Ella not too long after that. Well, he left and I kid you not....Eden SCREAMED in her crib from 7 until 10:05pm. I kept thinking she would pass out from crying so hard but when I couldn't take it anymore I went in to get her and the poor little thing could barely see me through her swollen red eyes. I felt awful!!! Long story short, she had a terrible night. I called the doctor this morning and she said that Eden is too small to just call in a prescription without checking her first so we took her to Acute Kids Urgent Care (LOVE THEM!!!) and had her checked. I figured she had double ear infections because she had started pulling at her ears while crying today but I had no idea that her right ear drum had busted! No wonder the poor thing has been screaming for 2 days. I feel like a terrible mommy.

She's been medicated and will hopefully sleep through the night. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.


  1. OH Kaylane! I am so sorry! That is so hard. It is going to be so much easier when they can talk and tell you what is wrong. I went about a week and a half with Eli having double ear infections before he went to the Dr.
    Side note: I took him to the Dr for a totally different reason and the Dr clued me in. Oops. I will be praying for you guys. We're on antibiotic number 2 that has not cured this ear infection. May you guys have much more success than we are! :) Hope things start looking up. Love you guys.

  2. Thanks Britney!!! I will be praying for Eli too!!!

  3. Poor Eden! I'm so sorry that both kids have been so sick lately. I will say a prayer for both of them. You are NOT a terrible mom! These things happen... Too bad we can't read our kids' minds!